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Canada Goose online 3 points submitted canada goose clearance sale 12 hours agoThink maybe the story got garbled between generations. I can imagine what non MACV Marines would be doing guarding a USAF base. Marines were up in I Corps, though some had to canada goose uk outlet be guarding the US canada goose uk shop Embassy in Saigon. Might been some Marines with the swift boats in the Delta. Canada Goose Coats On Sale Don know for sure. I thinking Dad might been on one of the many US Army firebases north and northeast of Saigon. Got knows they had the mud to qualify.A random USAF Canada Goose sale Air Traffic Controller unit north of Saigon is plausible enough. AF bases were usually completely surrounded with Army or Marine uk canada goose outlet bases, though the AF did have its own. um. I think they were called «Air Commandos», who were high canada goose coats speed grunts. Me and my low speed grunts goonsquaded for about a platoon of them while they did cheap canada goose uk a BDA on an Arclight. Nice gear.So some Canada Goose Parka of the Air Force was Canada Goose online out in the woods. Also out in the north woods (my old stomping ground) were Special Forces «A Teams.» The French had built these triangular forts with concrete revetments here and there.Those forts had come under the control of US Special Forces. The thugs worked for Special Forces as paid goons.And they carried a variety of weapons, including AK47s and SKS and anything else they could find. We ran into a couple of times they looked like extras from the «Pirates of the Carribean» movies, every kind of cheap Canada Goose uniform mixed in with Wal mart specials, headbands, eye patches, every kind of knife, bolo and machete you ever saw, and whatever rifle they could get their hands on.I first met them when we rendezvoused in deep bush with a couple of SF guys and their canada goose clearance thugs. Wow. Hope they left all their cash and jewelry at home, and made a will.Anyway, OP, the guys your Dad described sounded like they might have canada goose store been some of our mercenaries. Probably there was some poor SF guy with dressed to blend, on the radio complaining about trigger control protocols at your Dad base. 2 points submitted 11 hours agoNope, I assure you it was Marines check for info on Monkey Mountain. They were there for sure, guarding the place. My old man used to say they only had a uk canada goose platoon of marines and some weird vehicle they called «minnie mouse». Not sure if buy canada goose jacket cheap that was just the vehicle name or a designation, really. But he said they were happy to be out of the bush half the time, and Canada Goose Jackets unhappy not to be in it the other half. Typical Marines, as it were.I heard a lot about the Air Force special forces teams. High speed, good gear, great pilots willing to do damn near anything to get the job done. Jolly canadian goose jacket Greens and all that. There a type of pilot I like to see every time.I read a lot about those A teams. Any good reading material you recommend?There was a Monkey Mountain just outside of Danang. Big Canada Goose Online Marine base surrounded it called Red Beach, also a Navy installation called Tien Shan, or something close to that. Also a USAF base. I came in country there on an AF C 141(?) in early February 1968.So plenty of Marines. No Nungs or Cambodians around unless the Special Forces imported them. A Shau, over by the Laos border canada goose factory sale was one canada goose black friday sale of those French colonial forts. buy canada goose jacket Don see why they wouldn have some down by Danang, but the pirates would be Meo tribesmen. Can imagine why any of those mercenaries would be anywhere around Danang. They be shot on sight.The Air Force commando guys were okay, kinda tight lipped when I met them. I think they were looking for something they didn find. I never had much use for high speed knife biters, but that just an opinion of mine. I got my reasons, but they personal.A teams got lots of books and their own movie and song back in canada goose uk black friday around early 1968. I don know much about them. I did walk through the A Shau mine field. Bouncing Betties that had been rotting in the ground for two years. That was fun.But none of this was around Saigon, which was 370 miles to the south.etwasred 31 points submitted 20 days agoThere is evil in this world. Not all evil is omnipresent and filled with the power to harm nations, but it is still evil.You have faced evil, lived through it, fought against it, and been harmed by it. It has changed you, burned you, and you have been forced to do battle against it.You have done what every hero in history has done you have been through a trial that would challenge anyone to their limits, and you have seen it through. You have withstood more than most could ask for. These stories we all read are, thankfully, outliers canada goose of family problems. You have been through the worst of the worst.A digital crown of laurel leaves is all that can be offered, alongside a virtual parade of hugs and offers of wine or stronger. You stand taller now, and for that, all of us here are thankful.May you Canada Goose Outlet cheap canada goose shine stronger for all that you have seen.etwasred 131 points submitted 1 month agoI am a pessimist at heart with quite a dim view of people as a whole. Cynical would be putting it mildly. I assume people are like JustNos of all stripes until proven otherwise.Your actions for your MIL are, to me, a mix of practical and absolutely honorable. You take one for the team, for the people you love and call family, and your husband. And you do so with a sense of purpose and honor while you have all cause for revenge, for the ills that have fallen on you, you take the highest canada goose coats on sale road. I do not think I could. For that, madam, I salute you. May the mark you leave on this world inspire others to be as tall as you are.

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