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Canada Goose online It is clear that the benefits of cycling outweigh the risks, with helmet canada goose clearance sale legislation actually costing society Canada Goose Outlet more from lost health gains than saved from injury prevention. With Australia and New Zealand the only countries with mandatory helmet laws for cyclists, we have a lot to learn from our international cousinsInjuries to cyclists follow a clear «safety in numbers» relation; injury rates canada goose jackets Canada Goose sale per cyclist are lower canada goose black friday sale when more people cycle. This implies helmet laws are counterproductive. Canada Goose online

canada goose coats Collisions with motor vehicles cause nearly all deaths and debilitating head injuries among cyclists. A UK emergency department study found that such collisions caused 58% of head injuries to adult canada goose cyclists and 50% of Canada Goose Parka all head injuries to canada goose store cyclists. The large benefits from the road safety uk canada goose campaigns should be contrasted with the lack of obvious effect on head injuries Canada Goose Online from uk canada goose outlet helmet laws. Yet helmet laws were far more expensive. However, the two major surveys using matched before and after samples in Melbourne canadagooseoutlet4online (Finch et al. 1993; Report No. 45, Monash Univ. This suggests the greatest effect of the helmet law was not to encourage cyclists to wear helmets, but to discourage cycling. In contrast, despite increases to at least 75% helmet wearing, the proportion of head injuries in cyclists admitted or treated at hospital declined by an average of only 13%. The percentage of cyclists with head injuries after collisions with motor vehicles in Victoria declined by more, but the proportion of head injured pedestrians also declined; the two followed a very similar trend. These trends may have been caused by major road safety initiatives introduced at the same time as the helmet law and directed at both speeding and drink driving. The initiatives seem to have been remarkably effective in reducing road trauma for all road users, perhaps affecting the proportions of victims suffering head injuries as well as total injuries. The benefits of cycling, even without a helmet, have been estimated to outweigh the hazards by a factor of 20 to 1 (Hillman 1993; Cycle helmets the case for and against. Policy Studies Institute, London). In jurisdictions where cycling is safe, Canada Goose Jackets a helmet law is likely to have a large unintended negative health impact. But helmets do not create safety; only a safe environment, free from the dangers created by motorized traffic and poorly designed canada goose uk outlet roads, can do that. Reducing danger and increasing safety are prerequisites canada goose clearance for Canada Goose online encouraging both cycling and walking (Gehl 2010, Jacobsen, Racioppi, and Rutter 2009 ). buy canada goose jacket Because promoting and wearing helmets might promulgate a false perception that cycling is an canadian goose jacket unusually risky activity (Lorenc et al. 2008) which would reduce cycling (Jacobsen, Racioppi, and Rutter 2009) it may actually decrease health across canada goose coats on sale a population. The risk of being injured by a motorist increases as the level of cycling decreases canada goose uk black friday (Jacobsen 2003), and that increased fear might leave those who do cycle at greater risk. canada goose coats

Canada Goose Jackets Laws requiring cyclists to wear helmets are controversial. The European Cyclists Federation actively opposes them, as does RoadPeace, the British charity for road crash victims (ECF 2011; RoadPeace 2010). Not only have such laws failed to bring about reductions canada goose factory sale in rates of head injuries (Robinson 2006), but they also reduce the level of canada goose coats cycling (Robinson 1996) and the canada goose uk shop health benefits of physical activity. Canada Goose Coats On Sale Because the risk that an individual cyclist will be struck by cheap Canada Goose a buy canada goose jacket cheap motorist increases as the level of cycling decreases, compulsory helmet laws could have the perverse effect cheap canada goose uk of increasing deaths not just risk of death among those who continue to cycle (Komanoff 2001) Canada Goose Jackets.

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