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moncler outlet canada Hi jacking this comment ESPN just announced they are only suspending her for one week after this incident. A pretty face gives you a lot of lenience.Edit: Getting a lot of the same question about if I think she should be fired so I will post this here from my other comments so you all can stop asking me:Without a doubt. If you want to maintain or even to reconstruct your image, discount moncler jackets as ESPN, you should get rid of anyone with this type of attitude in the workplace. The «I better than you because I pretty» attitude is not anything that a company moncler outlet sale should tolerate for even a second. I sure we will see an apology out of her and some sob story explaining moncler outlet store that she was running late to a grandmas funeral or some shit to moncler outlet woodbury try to get media coverage to back off, but it is ridiculous to have someone with that little respect for others to continue moncler online store to work for a company so big like ESPN.Edit 2: Still getting a lot of the same questions in my inbox so here:Accepting a job at ESPN means that no matter the circumstance you need to keep your hotmoncleroutlet cool. ESPN is a huuuuuge corporation that resides directly on viewer support. If ESPN were to keep these kinds of people around for long, they will tank. So financially for them it would be smart for her to be fired. On the other hand, morals are moncler sale online a big question mark. If moncler uk outlet ESPN is moncler sale shown as being okay with this kind of attitude, where will it stop? With all of their coverage on big sports names criticizing people and then having public backlash, shouldn ESPN analysts be held to the same responsibility?I okay with you disagreeing with me because it just my opinion, but it a no brainer from a moral stand point and a $$$ stand point, and knowing ESPN as just being a big business, it seems like they should let her go.There is a lot more to be said about this but I will just keep moncler usa getting redundant.Britt also tweeted this after the video went public: «In an intense and stressful moment, I cheap moncler jackets allowed my emotions to get the best of me and said some insulting and regrettable things. As frustrated as I was, I should always choose to be respectful and take the high road. Seems like a cop out when you get in trouble best moncler jackets in middle school to me. I moncler outlet online don mean to start bashing on her too much now but this is just my opinion. Agree with me or not, Britt and I don give a shit.Obligatory thank you for popping my gold cherry after 3 years on this site (had other accounts before this).Also before commenting and telling me how this makes no sense, please read my full comment so I don have to explain myself 100 times that this is not only a moral issue but a business issue also. If we were to throw cheap moncler jackets womens morals away for a second and just focus on the business of this, it a no brainer that she should be canned.ESPN is owned and run by Disney who, say what you want, but tries to keep a clean public image. With this video coming out and ESPN/Disney decision to keep her still around, it tarnishes the type of character that they want to portray to the media. If we are still only basing off of business decisions, something like this could lose a huge amount of viewers and trust from the public.That just the business of it.FINAL EDIT:Yes I went a bit off script when I said she would make a sob story, and I know all you internet folk out there can be nit picky about something I said, but damn people, this is my opinion. If you don agree with me fine, give me a reasonable argument (like some people have done) and maybe my opinion will change! You can have a discussion without completely bashing someone else. I not some reporter who is supposed to have a fantastic public image who speaks to athletes on a daily basis. I sure there are plenty of athletes who have known someone at one point in time who had a lower tier job like this and just wouldn appreciate what she said at all. I not so mad at her for that, but it was a personal attack. Anyone who attacks someone like that should be punished in my opinion. Again, this is MY opinion. YOU don need to agree with me, but until given enough information to change my mind, I am gonna stick by to what I cheap moncler coats mens said. No. Not this. Not this at all. There a huge difference, massive difference, utterly opposite ends of the spectrum difference, between a hike up boy scout mountains, and a hike up everest. I know what you mean, I frequently go solo backcountry camping, and I pack out what I pack in. But Everest and the other 15k+ mountains are a different beast entirely. Every ounce counts. Every bit of baggage you carry, either up or down, is one little bit closer to death. You have a fixed amount of time to get into and out of the «death zone», as everyone likes to call it. And this is moncler sale outlet after a few weeks of gradually reduced oxygen as you move up base camps, a few weeks of exhaustion as you keep climbing, huddle in your tent for days on end until the storm passes, eating fairly uninspiring food and drinking as cheap moncler sale much water as you can. By the time moncler outlet prices you leave the last base camp on your way UP, you already pretty tired.Then you slog your way up the mountain, leaving at something like 3am, carrying a good chunk of weight on you (or carrying someone elses weight if you a sherpa), climbing one of the harder climbs a human can do, for ten or eleven hours, all for a few minutes at the top. but now you got to get down before night sets in, and before the oxygen deprivation becomes too much, and you got to do it at the same speed as everyone else, or they leave you behind. And unlike moncler outlet other climbs, you can just sit down and relax for a bit to gather your energy. That how people die. That how MOST people die on Everest, «Oh, I tired, I just catch my wind, y go on ahead». Living humans have become frozen to where they were sitting, without the strength to break free. People have rested for a quick snack, and then found their legs aren working anymore thanks to frostbite or hypoxia. We like to think of Everest as «just a tourist trap» because it become so common, but it is still a dangerous moncler womens jackets and challenging climb, and EVERY MINUTE COUNTS. There are bodies not even an hour from base camp, people who were uk moncler sale almost there but just couldn make the last few steps, people who thought they were home free but then a squall blew in and they couldn see their hand in front of their face. When (if) you finally get back to cheap moncler jackets mens your tent, you are completely spent, done, wiped.And through that, you want to take the time and effort to stop, deglove, dismount, neatly pack up your trash or shit uk moncler outlet or literal shit or used o2 can, fit it in, mount up again, get all your fiddly little straps back in their fiddly little holes with your frozen fingers, with the sun setting, the storm coming, and every minute putting you one minute closer to hypoxia and death? Fuck. That. You dump every ounce you don absolutely have to carry, you leave everything you don absolutely have to bring down, and you fucking sprint to the bottom, or you die. Simple as that.I hiked some of the most beautiful parts of Western Canada, and cursed at every asshole who leaves a cliff bar wrapper out there, but if I ever do Everest, you can bet your goddamn first born that I will leave every single thing I need to on that mountain. I will shit in my pants if I need to. Because even if your timing is good, even if the weather is good, hypoxia and embolisms strike without warning, and every minute at the top is one more round of Russian roulette moncler outlet canada.

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