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canada goose store I have been reading your posts, Millie seemed canada goose clearance sale like an amazing Canada Goose Jackets little girl. I am so sorry for your loss. I know theres not much a stranger can say to make the pain go away. Stay positive please. We are listening.

canada goose deals This year I couldn give my little girl the Easter I wanted due to finances. Hearing about the way Millie dyed her eggs I love to recreate it this week with my little one. If that OK. If not I Canada Goose Coats On Sale completely understand. I just never canada goose sale knew you can perserve dyed eggs. I would do it in honor of your beautiful daughter. If I upset you at all I terribly sorry. I wish I knew you personally as I would make sure you were not alone tonight. Sending love 45 points submitted 21 days ago

canada goose clearance sale Millie would 100% want to share our traditions with someone that buy canada goose jacket cheap needs it. She uk canada goose donated everything that she no longer needed, and while the thought shakes me to the core, I’m going to be donating Canada Goose Outlet about 95% of her things at the end of next canada goose black friday sale week.

Canada Goose Parka While the eggs are raw, poke one small hole at the top and one slightly larger hole at the bottom. Blow into the hole at the top, and the insides will go out the bottom. They do become very delicate, but the eggs cheap Canada Goose and the memories last.

canada goose coats Thank you so much for reaching out. 140 points submitted 22 days ago

Canada Goose Outlet Please do, that sounds so lovely. Millie’s auntie had a lovely garden in her old backyard, and there Canada Goose sale were rock paths winding through it. When cheap canada goose uk Millie was maybe 5 or 6, she would just sit there and dig her little fingers down into the rocks. I never worried about her eating them or anything, she just wanted to wiggle her fingers in there. One visit, she’d been playing in the garden all afternoon like 4 or 5 hours and Millie fell asleep right as we were leaving. I picked her up and I felt something in her jacket pockets. She had a whole treasure trove of rocks in there. We put them in a glass jar, and she had canada goose coats on sale them for a long time. I’m sure they’re in some moving box somewhere.

buy canada goose jacket cheap I’m sure Millie would love a rock. Thank you so much for doing what you’re doing. 20 points submitted 24 days ago

Oh, she loved music. She’d always sing along but she was uk canada goose outlet just Canada Goose Online tone deaf. Millie always liked old pop, like from the 80s to the early 00s. Her favorite was the Spice Girls, she loved them. And she liked Disney.

She really liked math and science, it canada goose uk black friday just seemed to make so much sense to her. But she was horrific at English, no matter how much she liked it. Essays and grammar just weren’t for her, she was buy canada goose jacket totally stumped by it every time. Millie always liked boys in her classes but never wanted to date one because most of them were blockheads. She’d go on about them at dinner for hours on end, then when I said she should go out with them she’d say «ew, no!» When she died, I wasn’t sad about not being able to see her get married. I just knew Millie never would’ve.

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canada goose coats on sale Your daughter sounds like a wonderful girl. And what a beautiful name you chose for her! It seems like you two had a canada goose uk outlet good connection and a wonderful time together. You brought so much canada goose store love and happiness into Millie’s life!

Canada Goose Jackets This must be unbelievably hard for you. I can’t imagine. I’m so sorry you have go through that.

cheap Canada Goose Thank you so much for telling us about Millie. I love all the details you remember. It’s good to write them down somewhere (even if it’s reddit) so you remember canada goose factory sale them later. You canada goose coats think you’d never forget, but time is cruel and all consuming. So write down everything you remember canada goose uk shop about Millie. If it helps, shout it into the world. Share memories with other people.

canada goose black friday sale Do you want to share some more memories with us? Maybe of Millie wenn she was a small child? What kind of movies did canada goose clearance she like? Did she play an instrument? Like music?

Canada Goose sale Honey on cereals sounds delicious. To be honest, I don’t think I’ve ever tried that but I will next time I’ll have cereals.

canada goose clearance I lost my mother early in my life and sometimes, I go to her https://www.canadagoosesale.info grave and I canadian goose jacket see that someone has brought flowers or lit a candle and it is a comforting feeling to know that someone else thought of my mother.

canada goose I’ll light a Canada Goose Parka candle for Millie sometime. Know that somewhere out there, there will be a light burning for Milie! Many hug 275 points submitted 24 days ago

Thank you. I can’t describe how much it means to hear your kindness and see so much love and warmth for my Millie. From the moment I had her, I knew how special she was going to be. She just always had this light in her eyes, and when she was a little baby, she would love to stare at people. And she’d always stick her tongue out and try to talk at us, even when she was barely a month old. She’d make these precious little sounds at us, and you could just tell she was trying to talk.

buy canada goose jacket When she started walking, she was always on the move, she never wanted to be held. Some babies would calm down the second they’d get back in their mom’s arms but Millie would scream until we set her down again. Canada Goose online And her first word was «no», and she’d just throw it out there however she liked. She was so opinionated, and so chatty. Walking and talking went hand in hand, she’d just start going and going and going. And I loved it so much. I could just listen to her babble for hours she had so much trouble starting her sentences. Millie would spend a canada goose minute trying to say «Hey Mama» because she’d just be saying hey, over and over again trying to get it out.

She never got more eloquent. I used to write when Millie was younger, and I love to do presentations for work and such. Words come so naturally to me, but Millie always was so clumsy and I loved it. She always got Cs on assignments in English, but she had that passion for it that always made up for it. I knew how hard she tried, and she just spoke with intensity and I loved it. Millie had just a little bit of a stutter and it’d take her a little bit to get stuff out, but it was so good when it finally got out. I love to listen to her.

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