The brains in Washington say that lost jobs can not be replaced. related website We have lost much of our industry to the Far East. Europe is also suffering. What happened to our shoe, clothing, ceramic, electronic industries? They moved their operations to the Far East. Can’t we do anything about that? I sure as heck would. I would decide what part of each of our former industries should be returned. Then I would restrict the amount of imports coming into our country. I would be told that this is bad business but other countries keep our products out. Why should we be different? Let’s return some jobs!

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Handbags Replica Moved by the courage of fellow Jesuits, like Daniel Berrigan and others, who went to prison for their principles, I was appalled by the war’s horrible climax when Nixon resumed bombing the North, the «Christmas Bombing» of Hanoi and Haiphong, leaving 1,600 civilian dead. My father, whose patriotism had not eased since 1917, had been slow to say anything against the military; but he was so wounded by the «Christmas Bombing» he could barely utter a few words like «all those people killed.» Handbags Replica

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