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Musician, model, “it” chick, street style go-to and gf of Sean Lennon, Charlotte Kemp Muhl is the new face of Odd Molly , a Stockholm born brand with a whimsical, off beat edge. Muhl’s varied background hermes replica , Renaissance lady approach to employment, free spirit, and well, very pretty face, is perfectly aligned to the label and its Fall 2011 campaign. Click through for the behind the scenes shots and get to know the girl inspired by Darwin with a penchant for PJs and classical music.What’s your hometown? NYC. Most people might not know how young you were when you started modeling? What was it like to be 13 and on the cover of a magazine? Quite a sudden change! My first job was mowing lawns and babysitting for a few dollars an hour. How do you approach modeling for a campaign versus an editorial differently? Do you? Not really, but perhaps I could imagine a campaign would require a more consistent character. You’re widely recognized for your personal style, how would you describe your style? Very eclectic, bohemian, inspired by Darwin and the Victorian time period as well… How do you feel when you see yourself in trend round ups online? Flattered. They obviously don’t know how I dress in my free time (I’ll wear my boyfriends pajamas for days!) As a model who’s also very involved with music, how do you think fashion and music are connected? Do they feed off of each other? Fashion, film, music and art are all blurring together to create one giant industry these days. They are such complementary mediums, because people want their ears AND eyes stimulated at the same time. Sean [Lennon] and I love to play dress up for our concerts, plus making videos and designing websites and drawing t-shirt designs… It’s all very connected. Are you working on any musical projects now? Yes, I’m about to put out an album of songs I wrote by myself, called Kemp and Eden, while Sean and I are currently recording a new Goastt record- this time it’s electric! Who are you listening to now?Miles Davis and Tune-Yards. What’s an average day like for you? So busy!! Are there any model careers that you look up to? I think Twiggy and Christie Turlington have handled themselves very gracefully over the years. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Composing for orchestras hopefully! I don’t want to be doing pop music forever. My heart is in classical music, electronic instruments can’t compare to strings. That, or directing films with Sean is my goal… 0Thoughts?1 of 13Next slideshow starts in 10sHumidity Help For EveryHairType

Q&A: Charlotte Kemp Muhl Behind the Scenes at Odd Molly

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