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We love how much designers are sharing with us these days: between behind-the-scenes Instagram photos and sneak peaks, we just can’t get enough. It’s always beyond to see how much goes into a photo shoot or a fashion show.That said best replica hermes belts , when we learned that Roberto Cavalli, the print extraordinaire, released a video of his most recent ad campaign shoot, we were stoked. Then, we found out who was being featured in the shoot a short list of some of the most well-known supermodels around. If there’s one thing we’re a sucker for , it’s seeing how a model moves on set and make those poses look so effortless.Obviously, Cavalli used some of his muses — from Naomi Campbell (swoon) to model-meets-songstress-meets-designer, Karen Elson shot by Steven Meisel. Considering the parties involved, it was all kinds of magic on set with the beautiful patterns, pleated in flowing luxurious fabric.You should probably just watch the video yourself to get the full effect though. Enjoy!

Video: Naomi Campbell Poses For Cavalli

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