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moncler outlet A reddit for peer support of male femmes and feminine identified males. People with femme/feminine gender expression of all sexual orientations and cis/trans gender identities towards the male side of the gender spectrum are welcome.The discount moncler jackets main purpose of this subreddit is to provide support for male identified people with feminine or feminine related gender expression, but anyone is welcome to discuss relevant subjects as long as they abide by the provisional ground rules.Provisional Discussion Ground RulesNo femmephobia, homophobia, biphobia, transphobia, racism, sexism, cheap moncler jackets mens misogyny, and ageism.Really, do not feed the trolls (even though we haven seen any yet knock on wood).Blatant and intentional violation of the 1st rule will result in deletion of the post, and repeat violations will result in banning from the subreddit.Be respectful of your fellow redditors.Do not try to define others; cheap moncler jackets womens everyone has the right to identify themselves as they want to. if every salsa dancers you have ever met wants to moncler sale outlet play moncler outlet store the claves, do not say, «Every salsa dancer wants to play the claves,» say «Every salsa dancer I have ever met wanted to play the claves.»I don know. «personal label» is kind of strong. After 40 years and more of wearing stuff from the girls side of cheap moncler jackets the store and exploring what does and does not interest me, I have just about given up on labels. I look uk moncler sale at it more as «additional moncler online store detail» in describing my personality. Male uk moncler outlet Femme fits slightly better than crossdresser, shemale, transgender, etc. Why? Because.I identify fully moncler outlet as male, inside and out. I am absolutely sure I heterosexual, monogamous (married over 30 years), and true to my Y chromosomes I childishly overcompetitive, cheap moncler sale unconcerned with personal grooming or hygiene or appearance, a tremendous slob around the house, amused by crass juvenile humor and senseless violence.And yet I moncler usa also emotionally sensitive about things (I cried during «Beaches» repeatedly!) nurturing, afraid of confrontation, totally unskilled and uninterested in physical activities, and drawn to more imaginative moncler outlet woodbury activities like virtual worlds and the like. Oh, and there that whole thing about preferring to wear the most overtly feminine clothes dresses, skirts, soft nightgowns, and so forth. But it rather more complicated than that. nothing is inherently «girls stuff» (with «stuff» including aspects of personality) or «guys stuff» (or as pertaining to Y chromosomes) there is only what our local culture and history regards as girls stuff (and guys stuff), and all such designations to me are arbitrary and oppressive.There no reason at all why a guy shouldn like girls stuff (or vice versa) because it all just stuff, which anyone might like. So in those terms «male femme» now means guy who likes stuff that the culture oppressively genders away from him, such as pretty clothes.Except that femme means more than just «feminine». Femme, to me, is also an moncler womens jackets erotic identity extrapolated from the queer model butch/femme. There is, at least for me, an essential component of queer femininity. So, for instance, straight, feminine women aren (generally) femme. But I think straight men can be, since male femininity in a sexual context is certainly queer. Things moncler outlet online change, don moncler sale online they :)A fascinating read, thanks for bringing it to my attention!I such a mess psychologically, I tend to find some aspects of myself in just about every crossdressing/transgender/dysphoria article I read. as moncler sale well as several aspects that are completely opposite of what billows my crinolines.I think your understanding of what «femme» means is totally valid. for you and others who share your feelings. moncler uk outlet I also think people who have a personal understanding of the term not moncler outlet sale related to erotica also have a valid understanding. That is, essentially, the universal problem in defining diversity: Getting everyone to agree on a consistent meaning for terms that tend to be ad hoc repurposing of existing words (or even newly coined words).For years I had convinced myself that my choice of clothes was all about comfort, and there was no erotic or best moncler jackets fetish subtext in it. This due largely to the fact that my dressing is not limited to times I want moncler outlet prices to get my rocks off, but a 24/7 preference only interrupted by those annoying times I have to actually venture out into the world and wear clothes that let me blend in and avoid too much scrutiny or hostility (I live in an extremely conservative rural region where during the «which bathroom for trans» debates raged, most of the people around here promised to end the discussion with guns if they had the slightest suspicion that a Y chromosome was entering a bathroom designated for women).And yet. when I look at the specific styles that appeal to me, I have to be honest with myself and admit cheap moncler coats mens that there way more to it. I don just want to wear «women clothes», whatever that may be. Unlike serious crossdressers, I don feel fulfilled if I wearing jeans and t shirts just because they came from the women department. I don like rough fabrics like denim or cotton regardless of whose anatomy they were designed for moncler outlet.

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