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moncler jackets men Short answer: All these techniques appear to work well cheap moncler coats mens in practice in 6max poker (produce superhuman performance). I think 3+ player games pose an interesting scientific challenge, moncler usa but poker is the wrong domain for it. There moncler outlet store are other games that are better moncler sale outlet suited.Long answer: Games with more than two players pose a lot of interesting theoretical and practical challenges to existing techniques. For starters, approximating a Nash equilibrium is no longer computationally efficient. Even if you found one, it not clear you want to play it. In moncler online store two player zero sum games, a Nash equilibrium guarantees you will not lose in expectation, regardless of what your opponent does. In 3+ player games, that no longer true. You could play Nash, and still lose. So we need new techniques to handle 3+ player games, and need to decide how to evaluate performance in these games.That said, all of the techniques we have now appear to work great in 3+ player poker. There are two main reasons for this:1) In uk moncler sale poker, people fold early, and the more people that are at the table the more likely you should fold, so in practice most hands become 2 player pretty quickly.2) In poker, there is basically no opportunity to collaborate. You can team up with one player to take down another player. Trying this would be collusion and it would be against the rules.For these reasons, people that I have spoken to who develop poker AIs as training tools (or as «training tools») tell me that these techniques all work well in 6max too, and that for moncler outlet sale basically every popular poker variant that is played online there are now superhuman cheap moncler jackets AIs.In 3+ player games, Nash equilibrium only guarantees that you cannot do better by unilaterally deviating to a different moncler uk outlet strategy. So even if you are all playing the same Nash equilibrium, you could still lose because your opponents are teaming up against you (either intentionally or unintentionally).You also run into the «equilibrium selection problem» where there are multiple Nash equilibria and you might play one while the other players might play a different one. So you can simply compute a Nash equilibrium and play your part of uk moncler outlet it, because you don know if the others will play their parts of the same equilibrium. In two player zero sum games, this doesn come up because any linear combination of Nash equilibria is another Nash moncler womens jackets equilibrium. This is a major difference. In imperfect information games the players can have private information, for example, preferences in negotiation, cards in poker, valuations in auctions, what zero day vulnerabilities a player has uncovered in cybersecurity, and so on. Most real cheap moncler jackets womens world interactions are imperfect information games.For a given game size, imperfect information games are much harder best moncler jackets to solve because one has to balance the strategies among subgames. For example, in poker, one moncler outlet prices should not cheap moncler sale always bet the good hands and fold the bad hands. In contrast, in a perfect information game, a subgame can be solved with information just from that subgame, and there is no need to balance with other subgames.Now, in our NIPS 17 paper (which won a best paper award at the conference), and our Science paper (that was just published in the last few hours), we do present techniques for theoretically sound subgame solving in imperfect information games. Omaha isn safe, even 9 player Omaha.The main thing that would likely be very effective in making a game AI resistant is introducing some sort of semi collaborative element. For example, trading in Settlers of Catan or negotiation in Diplomacy. Maybe some sort of element where you can offer to trade hole cards with moncler polo shirts mens other players? Of course, it discount moncler jackets debatable if the game is still poker in that case.There are no really successful principled ways of approaching semi cooperative games. I still continued to follow the literature off and on and have found the recent advancements really exciting so did a deep dive on CFR. Also I keep cheap moncler jackets mens of with Deep Learning and Machine Learning in general for professional reasons.That said, moncler outlet woodbury the techniques we introduce are not moncler outlet incompatible with deep learning. I describe them more as an alternative moncler outlet online to MCTS. Deep learning just isn particularly necessary for a game like poker. But I think for some other games, function approximation of some sort would be quite useful.DeepStack uses deep learning, but it not clear how effective it was. It didn beat prior top bots head to head, for example. I think the reason DeepStack did reasonably well is because it uses nested subgame solving, which was developed by both teams independently and concurrently. That doesn require deep moncler sale learning.One really interesting line moncler sale online of research is «semi cooperative games» like negotiations. Here, players have incentive to work together but are both trying to maximize their personal utility as well. Existing techniques completely fall apart in these sorts of games, so there is a lot of interesting research to be done. There are also a ton of recreational games that capture this dynamic, such as Settlers of Catan (trading) and Diplomacy (negotiation) moncler jackets men.

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