Some planes overseas that were thought not worth the effort or expense to bring home were bulldozed, buried, or sunk. Thousands of aircraft in this country were offered up for sale. Most were trainers and cargo planes, but tactical aircraft were also available.

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cheap goyard handbags The Spanish transition to democracy from 1975 on and ETA’s progressive radicalisation have resulted in a steady loss of support, which became especially apparent at the time of their 1997 kidnapping and countdown assassination of Miguel ngel Blanco. Their loss of sympathisers has been reflected in an erosion of support for the political parties identified with them. In the 1998 Basque parliament elections Euskal Herritarrok, formerly Batasuna, polled 17.7% of the votes.[39] However, by 2001 the party’s support had fallen to 10.0%.[40] There were also concerns that Spain’s «judicial offensive» against alleged ETA supporters (two Basque political parties and one NGO were banned in September 2008) constitute a threat to human rights cheap goyard handbags.

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